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Topic: The Central African Republic Civil War

Established in 1945, the United Nations Security Council serves as the sole principal organ capable of enforcing military measures in the United Nations. With duties to achieve global security and maintain stability, the committee’s realpolitik stance as a permanent forum for negotiations allows efficient collaboration to achieve consensus within the international community. As the only UN body capable of passing legally binding resolutions, all members of the United Nations are obligated to follow and execute all Security Council decisions under the UN Charter. There are five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council: China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Having contributed significantly towards the establishment of the United Nations, these countries’ pivotal roles in the maintenance of international security have granted them the “right to veto”.

Since its first meeting on January 17th, 1946 in London, the Security Council works to resolve aggression through peaceful means by drafting pacific agreements, undertaking investigations, or appointing special convoys. The council may proceed to end escalating conflicts with ceasefire directives and military observers to reduce tension. If all above actions fail to restore peace, the UNSC may collectively opt for travel bans, economic sanctions, blockades, embargoes, or military action as a last resort.

To qualify for awards, delegates must email their respective position papers to unsc@surreymun.org before 11:59 PM on January 31st. 


Albert Chen

A rising junior attending the IB programme at Port Moody Secondary School, Albert is beyond honoured and ecstatic to be directing the United Nations Security Council at SurreyMUN 2019. After being introduced to Model United Nations in grade 10, Albert was instantly captivated by the fiery debates and realistic simulations of diplomacy and learned to overcome his fear of public speaking. With a strong passion for global affairs, Albert is excited to share his experiences with delegates and witness their growth and development as a Director. Outside of Model United Nations, Albert can be found at business case competitions, playing badminton, participating in a variety of non-profit organizations, or trying to survive IB. Albert is exhilarated to witness the intense debate unravel amongst delegates, and looks forward to a fruitful weekend.

Irene Zhang

Irene is currently a senior at Fraser Heights Secondary and is excited to serve as the chair for the UNSC at SurreyMUN 2019. Drawn into Model UN by its diplomatic nature, intense debate, and fascinating topics, this will be her fifth year participating in Model UN. Throughout the course of her five years, attending conferences has helped her create new connections and build critical skills, and she hopes that SurreyMUN will do the same for all delegates! In her spare time, Irene enjoys drawing at ungodly hours, practicing Taekwondo, and going for a quick jog. She looks forward to a memorable conference and meeting all the delegates of the UNSC!

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