Topic: The Mexican Drug Crisis

Established in 1945, the United Nations Security Council serves as the sole principal organ capable of enforcing military measures in the United Nations. With duties to achieve global security and maintain stability, the committee’s realpolitik stance as a permanent forum for negotiations allows efficient collaboration to achieve consensus within the international community. As the only UN body capable of passing legally binding resolutions, all members of the United Nations are obligated to follow and execute all Security Council decisions under the UN Charter. There are five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council: China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Having contributed significantly towards the establishment of the United Nations, these countries’ pivotal roles in the maintenance of international security have granted them the “right to veto”.

Since its first meeting on January 17th, 1946 in London, the Security Council works to resolve aggression through peaceful means by drafting pacific agreements, undertaking investigations, or appointing special convoys. The council may proceed to end escalating conflicts with ceasefire directives and military observers to reduce tension. If all above actions fail to restore peace, the UNSC may collectively opt for travel bans, economic sanctions, blockades, embargoes, or military action as a last resort.

To qualify for awards, delegates must email their respective position papers to before 11:59 PM on Thursday, February 1st. 

Sherry Sun

A junior attending Richmond Christian School, Sherry has the absolute honour to serve as the Director of the UNSC at SurreyMUN 2018. Ever since her first conference in Grade 9, she finds herself intrigued by the discussion each individual brings forth and thoroughly enjoyed every conference as both a delegate and staff. Besides immersing herself in committee session and academic studies, Sherry enjoys working for non-profit organizations, performing with her orchestra, and baking macarons in her free time. Regardless of whether you are a beginner delegate or one who has written many resolution papers, she hopes that you will grow in your passion for debate and global issues. Knowing that SurreyMUN 2018 will be one to remember, she cannot wait to meet everyone there!

Andrew Guo

A grade 11 student at Fraser Heights Secondary, Andrew is honored to serve as the Chair of the United Nations Security Council at Surrey Model United Nations 2018. After stepping into the world of Model UN 2 years ago, Andrew has never looked back, enjoying the experiences created out of every conference. Andrew hopes to create a committee environment that is not only professional and friendly but also memorable and fun. When not eating Tonkotsu ramen, Andrew is most likely complaining about his English essays, cooking Chinese food, or biking to the nearest restaurant. Andrew looks forward to not failing physics this semester and meeting all of the delegates in UNSC. Feel free to reach out to him anytime if you have questions or concerns!

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