Topic: The Rwandan Civil War

The JCC is a committee like none other; run with a custom set of Rules of Procedure, the committee is divided into two separate blocs which are run independently, yet operate on the same issue and timeline. The fast-paced and unpredictable nature of the JCC ensures that all delegates will most definitely be kept on their toes throughout the conference. Diplomacy, compromise, decisiveness, and even some clandestinity will be imperative for success in the battle of wits that is the JCC.


The Rwandan Civil War occurred in tandem with perhaps one of the most brutal genocides since the Second World War. Up to a million innocent people were slaughtered on the basis of their ethnic origin while two sides viciously fought to gain control of the country.

The crisis in Rwanda is a difficult and gruelling crisis to maneuver through. Along with representing vastly unique and polarized sides, delegates must tackle the issue of the genocide along with trying to pull their cabinets through war.

Delegates will have the chance to change history and rewrite the events of the Rwandan Civil War and Genocide as part of this year’s JCC. Maturity and professionalism will be expected of all delegates.

To qualify for awards, delegates must email their respective position papers to before 11:59 PM on Thursday, February 1st. 

Alex Wen

Alex is a freshman at the University of British Columbia, and has always cherished his time in the MUN community. Among other things, he emphasizes the importance of service, leadership, and communication, which are some of the best aspects he enjoys about MUN as well as about his role as a staff member. In addition, he has also delegated, staffed, and served as secretariat at various other hotel and day conferences around the Lower Mainland. Interested in not just MUN and politics, Alex also enjoys his other academic interests of mathematics, theoretical physics, military history, and literature, and can often be heard fully exercising his freedom of speech by harshly criticizing certain forms of government, various heads of state, and other social phenomena. When he has spare time, Alex is busy pursuing his hobbies of table tennis, eating ice cream, and roaming Vancouver on the hunt for better bubble tea.

Kevin Zuo
Bloc Director

Kevin Zuo is a grade 12 student currently attending Fraser Heights Secondary. He is honoured to serve as the chair of JCC at SurreyMUN 2018 and is beyond excited to meet all the delegates attending the conference. Kevin has been an active participant of MUN ever since his passion for public speaking compelled him to join in his grade 8 year; since then, he has staffed on multiple occasions. In his spare time, Kevin can be found debating, reading, volunteering, as well as playing the piano for leisure and relaxation; a healthy dose of web surfing also helps him through the day. He cannot wait for SurreyMUN 2018, where he will commit his utmost effort to ensure that all participants have a rewarding time.

Andy Jiang
Bloc Director

Currently junior attending Fraser Heights Secondary, Andy Jiang is happy to serve as a bloc director at SurreyMUN. For Andy, the journey of MUN has been an elevator that only goes up. Since his very first conference, the aroma of placards, note papers, and complimentary hotel pens have completely seduced his time and interest. Aside from his commitment to MUN, Andy can be found hyping up for the season 8 of Game of Thrones, attempting to top his own high score in the Google Chrome dinosaur game, or intensely watching the newest episode of Master Chef Australia. Whether you are a beginner or veteran delegate, Andy cannot wait to greet everyone at SurreyMUN and promises to provide an experience to be savoured.

Celina Chen

Finally in her last year of high school, Celina is beyond excited to be both graduating soon, and staffing at SurreyMUN 2018! Her first time attending a day conference had been back at SurreyMUN 2015, and thus, she feels very nostalgic to be back again. She strongly believes that Model UN is an amazing opportunity for youth to delve deeper into pressing global matters, polish up on public speaking skills and to connect with like-minded individuals. And so, Celina is constantly pushing her friends to attend, with the hopes that they too, will come to love MUN the way she does. When she isn’t busy being unproductive, you can find her stressing over currency exchange rates and travel plans, on a long rant with a friend, or very, very, very rarely, sleeping at a reasonable time of day.

Kevin Wang

A grade 11 student attending Fraser Heights, Kevin has a weak spot for finance and corporate law. With some encouragement, he decided to inquisite the world of public speaking in his grade 10 year, participating in Model UN, debate and mock trials among other political-debate endeavors, and ecastaticly looks forward to future years of it. Outside of MUN and public speaking, he can be found cramming last minute for the SATs or giving in to the allure of binging the latest episodes of White Collar and House of Cards. He can also be found on the tennis court, reading up on global issues, or studying different stocks in his spare time. Kevin looks forward to meeting all the delegates at SurreyMUN 2018!

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