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Historical security council

Topic: The Berlin Blockade

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) traces its roots to the ideas of American president Franklin Roosevelt. The Charter of the United Nations, which came into force on October 21, 1945, established the UNSC as one of six committees in the aftermath of the Second World War in order to carry on the mandate of the League of Nations to prevent international conflict and serve the international community. The UNSC was the sole UN body, and remains to this day, with the power to enforce binding resolutions over its member states. It is the body tasked with keeping international peace and security, yet in the aftermath of the failure of the League of Nations to prevent WWII, the untested UNSC has much to prove.

The UNSC is composed of five permanent members and six non-permanent rotating members of the rest of the international community. The P5, as the major victors of WWII, sit on the UNSC permanently with the power to veto any substantive resolution. The other six members hail from all regions of the world and are elected every two years by the General Assembly. Delegates are highly encouraged to engage in diplomacy and compromise in order to get results, but it is also necessary for delegates to stay true to their foreign policy and strive to achieve the best possible result for their nation. However, the volatile nature of international relations means that delegates may be forced to take issues into their own hands. Due to the unique nature of this committee, it offers a challenge for any delegate looking to prove themselves.

 To qualify for awards, delegates must email their respective position papers to hunsc@surreymun.org before 11:59 PM on March 13th.

Tony Xun

A senior at Semiahmoo Secondary, Tony Xun is honoured and delighted to serve as the Director of the HUNSC at SurreyMUN 2019. He started MUN in his first week of grade 8 and hasn’t slowed down since. Having been to over a dozen conferences now, Tony’s favourite part about MUN will always be the community that it creates. By bringing together like-minded people in a fun, light-hearted setting, MUN will forever live in his heart as a place where real connections can be formed over a weekend, a day, or even one committee session. Tony hopes that he can bring to all of his delegates the same experiences that he has had in this wonderful community.

Skyler Chan

A sophomore at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary’s Prelude French Immersion program, Skyler is truly elated to serve as Chair of HUNSC at SurreyMUN 2019. The true culmination of debate, public speaking and global affairs, all of which are his passions, is embodied within Model United Nations. Ever since researching a country he didn’t know existed (Albania) in Grade 8, now after over 10 MUN conferences he’s fallen not only in love with Wikipedia, Thesaurus.com and Google Docs; but the magnanimous MUN community that he is truly grateful to be a part of. Outside of MUN and debate, Skyler enjoys fencing, playing the flute, volunteering and cramming for his glider exam. During his real free time, he can be found storming the streets of downtown with his camera, exploring new bubble tea shops (struggling to save money), and writing run-on sentences. Skyler can’t wait to welcome all delegates!

Kevin Roe
Assistant Director

Kevin Roe is a grade 10 student at Pacific Academy who is ecstatic to serve as the Assistant Director for HUNSC at SurreyMUN 2019. Kevin first dove into the world of Model United Nations in Grade 8, and he hopes every delegate will engage in thought-provoking discussions while experiencing the fun of MUN. Ever since the beginning of his MUN career, Kevin has been amazed by the intense level of debate and diplomacy shown throughout the MUN world. Throughout his short MUN career, Kevin has met several unique individuals and is grateful for all of them and hopes delegates will develop friendships as he has. Aside from MUN, Kevin enjoys playing the saxophone, debating, learning how to take photos, and drinking copious amounts of water. Kevin looks forward to meeting everyone at SurreyMUN 2019!

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