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SurreyMUN’s HUNSC will be unique in the sense that unlike a typical committee, HUNSC’s topics won’t be released until the conference officially begins. Delegates will be challenged to devise creative solutions to the global crises at hand, with little to no preparation. Topics will change after each committee session to keep delegates on their feet, and there will often be very little time to prepare answers to these crises that unfold.

Will you stand firm through the chaos as a beacon of hope for the world, bringing global conflicts to a halt? Or will you be shaken by the tides of change, and allow the world as we know it to collapse?

Harkaran Dial

Harkaran Dial is a grade 11 student at Southridge who began MUN 3 years ago in a general assembly. After a year of new MUN experiences, Harkaran finally experienced his first Crisis committee, which he instantly found amazing. Harkaran hopes to give delegates a Crisis experience that will make them excited and intrigued to see what lies ahead while tackling issues of all sorts with their committee!

Alannah Zhou
Assistant Director

Alannah Zhou – a junior at Port Moody Secondary School – started her love of MUN two years ago at her first conference. Since then, she has made an active effort to engage in MUN day and hotel conferences alike. Outside of MUN, Alannah enjoys reading current events, debating controversial issues, and trading (virtual) stocks. She also created a free app with her business, ezWake, which helps students wake up better for classes and MUN conferences alike. Alannah is looking forward to seeing everyone at SurreyMUN.

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