Topic: Cyber Resilency

Established in 1945, the European Union was intended to maintain stability between European neighbours out of the Second World War.To achieve such a vision, economic and political partnerships were cemented, with the first, the European Coal and Steel Community, in 1951. The goals of the EU are vast, with themes surrounding human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, and human rights:

The EU also serves as the largest trade bloc in the world, with free trade being one of its fundamental principles. To this end, the EU is committed to liberalizing world trade, enabling nations internationally to benefit. In addition, the EU contributes to humanitarian aid by assisting victims of both man-made and natural disasters worldwide. The EU is integral to diplomacy and strives to foster stability, democracy and fundamental freedoms on an international scale, seen through their heavy involvement in world affairs.

To qualify for awards, delegates must email their respective position papers to before 11:59 PM on March 13th. 

Isabela Moise

Isabela is a Grade 11 student at Port Moody Secondary. She is an avid MUN participant and business case competition organizer and competitor. She finds the most compelling aspect of both activities being the rapid-fire communications and challenges that are presented both situationally and orally. Isabela believes that such quick-thinking and fast-paced ongoings are an excellent practice that can be translated into both real-world and academic experiences. Outside of these scholastic efforts, she is also an active gourmande and can often be found spending her free time discovering hole-in-the-wall food stops, or world-famous restaurants! Isabela is so excited to be a part of SurreyMUN, and cannot wait for you all to attend!

Andrew Liu

Andrew is a senior enrolled in the IB Programme at Pacific Academy and is honoured to serve as the chair for the European Union at SurreyMUN 2019. As a participant of Model UN since grade 8, he hopes to inspire a similar fervour towards purposeful debate that he experienced from his first conference, in all of his delegates. In his free time, he enjoys extending the longevity of his summer dog-sitting business, carefully crafting Spotify playlists, and snowboarding throughout Vancouver during the winter. Andrew is looking forward to meeting everyone at the conference and to an unforgettable weekend of productive discourse!

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