Incepted in 2014, Surrey Model United Nations has grown to be the largest one-day conference in Western Canada, led by a team of high-school students from across Metro Vancouver. We take pride in our meticulous preparation in our goal to provide delegates with an exciting and memorable MUN experience. Students will not only be provided with an incredible and professional conference, but also a welcoming environment in which they can freely explore new ideas while learning about global issues.

This year, SurreyMUN 2019 will welcome over 200 delegates from various schools across British Columbia. We aim to inspire students to think about global issues from a new perspective and promote global citizenship. Delegates will have the chance to participate in a range of committees inspired by those from the real United Nations, all the while discussing and resolving complex world issues. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and communicate with new people, learn about important global issues, and develop skills in diplomacy, leadership, and cooperation. The heated debates and interactive environment at SurreyMUN allow us to educate our delegates and help prepare them for global leadership in the future.

Creative Outlet

At SurreyMUN, creativity begins with our committees program. Carefully crafted to ensure originality across all three categories (general assemblies, specialized agencies, and crisis agencies), each committee at SurreyMUN will challenge delegates to think outside the box in an interactive and learning-centric setting. Furthermore, each committee will be managed by knowledgeable and professional staff, allowing an unhindered creative learning environment. As our staff members prioritize participation from all delegates, we further maximize delegates’ abilities to create unique solutions while developing their leadership within the MUN community. Both the SurreyMUN staff and secretariat will help delegates express themselves freely and learn to interact with others, thus widening their web of knowledge and creative thinking.

Global Awareness

As Western Canada’s largest day conference, SurreyMUN aims to promote global awareness by providing delegates with the best possible experience. Through carefully selected committees and topics that provide a wide range of discussion, SurreyMUN engages its delegates with a variety of different ideas and perspectives to better educate them about both past and current issues. Through an open and welcoming environment for our delegates, we aim to encourage participation from delegates of all skill levels. Ultimately, SurreyMUN leaves delegates with a much broader range of knowledge about global issues and helps foster an interest in public speaking and international relations.

Giving Back

SurreyMUN has always aimed to be a leader in bettering the community around us. In regards to MUN, one of our major initiatives is our very own Foundations Program. This program was created to help schools start their own MUN clubs and to aid existing clubs, both in Surrey and surrounding areas. Through the Foundations program, we actively give students the opportunity to step into the world of MUN.

Not only do we give back to Surrey schools, but SurreyMUN also takes pride in giving back to the local community. Through partnerships with local non-profit organizations such as food banks, we donate a majority of our revenue to meaningful initiatives around the city. We believe in extending a hand to our community and working towards a better local environment; ultimately, SurreyMUN aims to create a positive impact towards a brighter future.

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