Thank you.

We have been humbled to serve as your Secretaries-Generals for SurreyMUN 2015 and 2016. When we founded SurreyMUN in June 2014 as a registered non-profit with the idea of a small conference for some of our friends, we could have never imagined one day growing to becoming Canada's largest one-day Model UN conference.

Over the course of two years, you, the delegates, have helped us contribute over $4,000 to local nonprofits as a form of direct action and social change. SurreyMUN was proud to donate 100% of net proceeds to causes like the Surrey Food Bank, SD36 Breakfast Program and Immigrant Services Society of BC.

Through our outreach program, we provided materials, human capital, and training support to start (8) Model UN clubs in the Surrey School District. In 2016, we were recognized by the United Nations Secretary-General, the Prime Minister and the Governor-General.

We are currently working on our future plans as a conference, and as an organization. Please stay tuned for further information.

Kevin Nan, Fredrick Ni
Founders, Secretaries-Generals